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Work Cycle III

The next three cards are about work.  This is the work that needs to be done to face the obstacles and opportunities that are before us.

Work – Disappointment – Ladder-  The 5 of cups is the suit of water.  So far in this reading there have been three water cards in a row.  This would indicate high emotional output and input.  There is a foundation that nothing can destroy, however hopes or emotions have limitations and have not been fulfilled to there potential.  Water trickles through the mind like a dream and fills this foundation.  Efforts have not been wasted but stored, learned, and waiting for the success in the future.  This pattern was hand dyed using an itajame shibori method.  The colors are from black walnut trees harvested by Rio and overdyed with indigo.

disappointment_smallerdisappointment_back smaller

Work – Strength – Facet – This card is number 8 in the major arcana and rightly so it represents infinite strength, female energy and connects the moon to the earth.  This  energy moves through us and powers our creativity and the inner workings of the mind.   Fire is the suit for this card and fuels this movement.   The snake in the card represents kundalini energy that rises up.  Strength knows how to deal with this energy once it is awakened.  Personal evolution and inner power that will help us to overcome any struggles are available to us at this time.  This pattern was created by composting rose petals that were harvested from Rio’s garden. Each scarf is individual in its color variations.

strength samllerstrength_back smaller

Work – Power of Earth – Cells – The 4 of stones is the suit of earth.  This is a compass card with four directions, earth, air, fire, and water.  In the center we are linked like an axis to Above and Below with Before and Behind.  Learn to respect the sources of power in our lives and the feeling that arise.  This is a time to orient ourselves in the situation and find our own place.  The pattern ‘Cells’ was created by composting onion skins and overdyed with natural colors and iron.  Each scarf is individual in its color variations.

fourofstones1 smallerfourofstones_back smaller

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