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The Work Cycle

I am pleased to release ‘ The Work Cycle’,  a collection of scarves hand dyed in my studio.

Transformation is a powerful force that happens every moment of every day, in our lives and in our environment. The magnetic pulls of energy and the stardust surrounding us is what has inspired this collection look book. ‘ The Work Cycle’, a tarot reading to lighten our paths as we journey through transition and transformation. The textiles carry us through the reading as they are infused with magic and intent.

The photographer is Meredith Adelaide and the illustrations that help to transform them into tarot cards was by Austin Hillebrecht. Make up was by Daniel Medina. Models are Crystal and Theodor.

Over the next few posts I will highlight the cards and the story they tell.

To start off the reading we have the cover and cross cards.  These represent the basic situation and what is crossing, are the concerns

Cover – Son of Swords- Underground
This card is a court card and represents the element air. Metaphorically air is intellect and things of the mind. The Son of Swords is the young man Osiris who was killed by his brother because of jealousy. He is kind and has an esoteric mind but may also be naive.  The pattern (Underground) was created by composting with rust and hollyhock and then scanned on computer, manipulated slightly and printed with acid dyes.


Cross – Queen of Wands – Foxglove

This card is also a court card and represents the element fire.  Metaphorically fire is movement, action, and desire.  The Queen of Wands is the goddess Kali.  She is a hindu deity and a triple goddess – Creator, Preserver, Destroyer.  With wild female energy, she exults her own power and awakens sexual energy.  This may be overwhelming…… The pattern (Foxglove) was created with natural dyes and each scarf is individual.


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