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The Work Cycle II

The next cards in the reading are the Past and Expectations.  The past shows us the root of the situation or the background of what we are involved in.  Expectations will indicate the persons attitude.  How they want things to be with positive or negative approaches.

Past – Death – Lucretia- This card is very powerful and transformative.  The death that occurs is one of old habits or ways of thinking / living that no longer serves its purpose.  Change is the key word and as we all know this can be a very painful thing.  The uncertainty of what change will bring is enough to keep many in ruts and unhealthy situations.  This transformation has already started and will teach you lessons and allow new opportunities to open up.  The pattern Lucretia was chosen for this card because it was inspired by my first cat as an adult whom lived for 20 years and saw me through many deaths.  The image reminds me of her skull and the beauty of what lies beneath our skin.  The pattern was created by composting with rust and hollyhock and then scanned on computer, manipulated slightly and printed with acid dyes.

death smallerdeath_back smaller

Expectations – High Priestess – Waxing-  This card is the second in the Major Arcana and represents female energy.  The planet that rules this card is the moon.  The high priestess is stillness and receptive energy.  She is a figure of devotion and understanding.  Highly intuitive, she lets us slow down and take a step back.  Our intuition is more important now than analysis and deep feelings are sure to arise.  Now is a time to meditate.  The pattern ‘Waxing’ is very magical.  It is only created during the waxing moon and each moon phase is  hand stitched using a shibori method and overdyed with indigo.

highpriestess copyhighpriestess_back smaller


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