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I have a show coming up  March 2 2012 at Launch Pad Gallery in Portland.

This particular show is different from how I normally hang an installation and  what the concept is about.  I am venturing into the world of site specific and spontaneity.   The concept is poetic and has giving me the freedom to share my personal feelings and visions with strangers.



Our Statements:

In the waking world everything seems real. But in a dream state there are symbols and hints of reality.   Grasping for the meanings can be tricky, and just when the mind can wrap around them new symbols will emerge.

The subconscious will allow for truth to be revealed. But what is this the truth?
How we see ourselves in others eyes,
What we expect from ourselves,
How everything we do affects something else,
What we see and hear……

This show is a record of time and space that I have personally moved through.  A chain of thought and a diary that tells a story in symbols.
Suspended in a dream state or in reality just to catch a breath.

This suspension can only last for so long before the threads of life spin another web.

-Rio Wrenn


Realm of tenuous safety                                                                                                                  Realm of creativity, traversed on the wings of artistry                                                                  The slice out of reality                                                                                                               Between entering and leaving the sanctity of the studio space                                                     A state of dangerous meditation                                                                                           Dangerous for what is left out threatens the state:                                                                     What is dis-/un-covered                                                                                                      Undesirable answers                                                                                                                             To quote Pink Floyd’s album, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”

-Dari Stolzoff



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