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Spirtual Warrior

The Glean show opening was a surprising packed house and I think my performance went over well.   It was a great relief to finally present my story.   Photos and video to follow………

This is the story I wrote that went with the performance:

The fools journey into the realm of truth brings us together. Wearing a shawl adorned with
amulets and ribbons shows ego strength of the warrior who comes forward out of the shadows.
The spirit guides present themselves and become one with the warrior. These guides represent aspects of self and metaphors for truth. First comes the shaman or turtle, then the rabbit, the white owl goddess, the tiger spirit, and then the life/ death/ life mother or spider spirit. Each guide gives a gift to protect and sharpen the Warriors instincts, but the spider spirit, who is the giver of life and death which in turn creates or stirs the warrior to life. The gifts from the other guides are simply water, earth, air, and fire. The warrior accepts all the gifts for they contain the truth and within truth balance is found. Now the warrior is ready to discover what lies ahead on the path of the unknown.
This is the story I have to share from one warrior to another. It was all made possible by the living entity that is the city dump ( transfer station). This is a place in which we collectively with intention throw away, get rid of, and forget about our waste and consumption. The garments and artifacts before you were transformed into sacred objects to appease the great garbage spirit.
The Spirit Guides and the metaphors they represent:
Turtle or Shaman– Is between both worlds of land and sea this make the turtle a good translator. Moving towards the way of peace in a slow pace but with persistence. She has emotional strength and is grounded.
Hare (rabbit)- Represents abundance, renewal, hope, intuition, and new opportunities.
Blessings are in the mist and the needed direction and breakthrough is so close the rabbit will nudge or jump into action to make a move.
Owl– Old soul, the gatekeeper, has the ability to peer through the agenda of others. ,will
observe and keep secrets and wisdom guarded until it is the right moment and then she will move swiftly into action. Very psychic.
Tiger– Sensuality, beauty, and passion are strong characteristics but so is patience, mystery and grace. She has new moon energy which is the dark moon as a seed getting ready to grow full and magnetic. The tiger speaks to the heart to have courage to go after what you desire.
Spider– She tells us that not all things are as they appear. However we have life choices to
construct the life we live. She is receptivity and creativity and has the ability to fashion a new vision after every initiation which makes her infinite. The web represents strength, beauty, home, and within there is sustenance , birth, and destruction.
The Warrior / Fool – This is anyone and everyone. Some are ready for the journey with eyes open and heart unobstructed and some start carrying much too much baggage. This will eventually have to be shed in order for the spirit guides within us to fully impact our psyche. This is how we train to be a warrior.


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