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Shibori Scarf

I have been getting things started for my 2013 collection and there will be some minor changes coming up.  One change is that I am investing in large dye vats so we can produce yardage in quantities.  This excites me very much and will shift the focus from just lingerie to lounge and dance wear and custom designer textiles.   I am also going to start creating a line of scarfs in various sizes.  I started making one a few days ago and documented the process.

This scarf finishes at 20 x 80″ and is made with silk haboti.  I always start by washing and pre mordanting the silk then I dyed it in an immersion bath.   I folded it in half and ironed the silk to mark the lines I will be resisting.

This particular stitch makes a chevron pattern and is called Maki-Nui.

After it is all stitched then it is pulled tight and ready to dye in a second bath.

This is after right out of the second bath.

Now the fun part which always reminds me of opening a gift to revel the pattern and colors left resisted.

There are many ways to mix and blend the colors and patterns and this is why I love it so.

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