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Results- Work Cycle

This is the last post for the tarot spread  and collection – The Work Cycle-

The cards I will interpret are the Outcome (The Magician)  and Result ( Ace of Wands).  At this point all the cards and work will or most likely will manifest in these last two positions.  I would also at this point like to disclose the nature of this reading.  You may be wondering is this personal or universal?  Is this reading real?

Well, it is both.  At first this tarot collection was something I wanted to do because I felt it was a good time in my life to dive deep and attach meaning to my collections.  All the collections in the past have been very non conceptual and mostly romantic at best.  I have been going through some major transition in my life but it really unfolded as these photos were in process.  Perfect!!  All the creative people involved are connected to this reading in some way.  The photographer, models, and makeup artist all gave their energy to make it magical.  As I interpret the cards I realize it is very universal.  Everyone goes through deaths (change) and inward struggles which need to be evaluated and balanced for our lives.  As a result I hope we can all walk away knowing that the best thing to do is not to let life pass us by.  Engage!!!!    This is the only way to grow and evolve.

Blessed Be

Outcome – The Magician- Hawks Eye-  This major arcana card is # 1 and is masculine energy.  He represents qualities such as direct, forceful and conscious willpower.  The element for this card is air and adds to the mindfulness and creative power of intellect.  The magician seeks to master the physical universe by struggling within to bring out the hidden light.  This light is powerful and can transform any situation into a new existence.  This is a good time to begin new projects or develop things that have been started.  The pattern, Hawks Eye was dyed by hand using soy milk, and iron in combination with tannins and a special folding method.  The scarf is detailed with a black fringe to give it weight and texture.

magician2 smallermagician_back smaller

Result – Ace Of Wands – Tourmaline – This card is ruled by fire and as with all the ace cards it tends to express the most basic component of each element.  Fire, as noted before represents desires, sexuality, and movement.  This means the “gift” of fire is here and it is a time of energy, optimism and confidence.  Don’t hesitate for now courage and self -indulgence are permitted.  The pattern was created by composting hollyhock and rust.  The hollyhock was grown and harvested by Rio.  Each pattern has slight variations which make it unique and one of a kind.

aceofwands_final smaceofwands_back smaceof wands detail sm

Once again I would like to thank the wonderful creative team that made this collection come together.   Meredith Adelaide, Austin Hillebrecht, Daniel Medina, Crystal Zingsheim, and Theodor Rigdon.

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