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Portland Fashion Week

I fell a little behind this last week. I had to recover from show fever. I got a good start on my 2011 collection and I am really inspired to keep it going.

The show at PFW was fun even though I felt like a walking zombie. I think I had a very unique set. I was the only designer that had a kinetic showcase. The girls were moving through the set getting ready for a night out. One at a time they came out and gave the viewer a peek at an intimate moment in time. Each time wearing a new garment. I think it was unfortunate that the other designers did not do anything close to this format because most viewers came and saw and walked away…..But wait mine moves and changes. Dawn Sharp did have a performance element to hers so that helped keep the energy going. And Filly, brought her dog which was a cute factor.
Any way I met the mayor and I enjoyed watching it all play out. Take a gander at some of what I captured from the evening.

bamboo morning

yoga bamboo


betty bondage

evening out

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