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I have been collecting things for as long as I remember in my adult life.  Things like plant matter, tea bags, metal, rocks…never quite sure why, but compelled to keep going. Through these collections I have learned how to use the things I find and grow to become a scribe of their unusual beauty.

While walking my dog day after day I was finding all kinds of metal bits and pieces of things that people toss on the ground.  All I had to do was look down and find metal poetically smashed by cars.

I have finally composed my collections to showcase their delicate nature and presence of spirit that should open a new level of awareness to all that witness.

The second part of this exhibition -Inventory- was about a large collection of metal I was gifted from a friend that moved into a new house and discovered the previous owners left a garage full of metal and garbage.  This was about 30 years of collecting.  They wanted it gone and saw it as a pile of scrap metal.  I was overjoyed to receive this gift!! I slowly went through thousands of pieces from itty bitty precious bits to distinct and original shapes in iron, steel and copper.  Each piece would leave a mark.  Its history and value recorded.  By spotlighting the ‘things’ I have found, they become important, beautiful, repurposed and again useful.


© Rio Wrenn

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