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New Year

Well its the last day of the year again.  2010 has been a busy year for me to say the least.  I had a great art exhibit at Disjecta, participated in many fashion shows, produced and created a long time vision, Pre-soiled Couture, worked with new photographers, met with many new connections including Portland fashion week, London fashion week (sadly had to turn them down…maybe 2011), grammy party promoters from LA, many journalist and bloggers, many great new supporters,  had a great batch of interns to help me get everything done, and was added to a  new boutique Glamorous Amorous in the UK.  Im sure I have forgotten something but I have to say this has been my busiest year yet.

The new year looks like it may be just as juicy.  To start things off in Jan. I will be moving the R.A.W. dye studio to the Montavilla area.  The building I have been in for the past two years is getting torn down.  Such a shame for an old 1890 structure to make way for new development.  I guess that is how it goes.  I am really excited for the move however and no more leaks in my roof!  I will keep you updated as I change over the address and get ready to have a grand opening and launch for the R.A.W.  2011 collection.

Speaking of the 2011 collection, I will be updating my web site soon and there will be a whole new look including a video of the pre-soiled couture fashion show, photos of the garments up close and personal, an updated portfolio and I’m thinking e-commerce.  I am starting on work for a show this July at Guardino’s Gallery ,and I have many new ideas for rusty garments and panels.  Stay tuned……….

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this year by either purchasing merchandise,  coming out to my shows, or helping me with the million little details it takes to make everything look great!!!

I hope the new year brings everyone joy, health, and prosperity!!!

Mike Larremore Photography 2010

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