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Launch Pad

I currently have a show hanging at Launch Pad Gallery until March 31.  Taking a show down is always easier than putting one up. This show I constructed a few spiderwebs that I built on site and it took me about 10 hours so for sure it will be a breeze to take it down except that I want to save the webs somehow and possibly reuse them in a photo shoot.  I think I can lay them down on fabric and roll them up like a hand washed sweater.  Non the less it will be a delicate procedure.

I finally made my way back there to get some photos for my web portfolio.  I wanted to share some of them with you.  The first few images are rusted on watercolor paper.  This was a series of monthly entries I made in 2009 and 2010 much like a diary.


left side of brain

Right side of brain

inside the webs


Dream Catcher


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