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Fashion shows, photos shoots and new ideas

Well this year has been moving fast.  I am working on several things at once and feeling back in my groove.  The weather here in Portland is wet and warmer with a few beautiful dry warm days that tease one into thinking it might last for more than a blink of an eye.

I am getting geared up for several new shows.  One will be on May 3 at Eden.  R.A.W. will be a new addition to her store and we will be having a trunk show to kick it off, plus there will be several other designers present that she already carries.  More details to come…..       On May 12, R.A.W. will be showing in the 8th annual Open Season fashion show held by the Mercury at Sandbox studios.  This will be a grand show with about 12 other designers.  More to come on that as well.  If that is not enough I am working on a conceptual  photoshoot with the talented Spencer Watson at the end of this month.   And Breathe………………..

I have been dying samples for my 2013 collection and I am thrilled with the colors and new patterns I have developed.  I wanted to share some images of them with you.  I have been collecting red onion skins from my local New Seasons and so far I have about 10 bags full.  The colors I have been getting are more than I expected and I love that.

This one is composted with the onion and my special blend……

Onion, silk chiffon

This is immersion dyed with the onion and a mordant on Bamboo knit……

Onion, bamboo

These are the onion skins unmordanted…

Onion, plain, bamboo

I found this image of a beetle that looks a lot like the color scheme I have going so far.


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