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Carrieres de Lumieres

Each year the quarry at Les Baux has a show of artists projections.  This year it was Bosch, Brueghel, and Arcimboldo.  They are medieval and Renaissance artists that lived between 1450 and 1593.  Two of them were Dutch and Arcimboldo was Italian.  While their styles were very different they had a similar feeling that lead you through the subtle change of characters and attitude.  I really had a chance to step inside and feel part of the artist’s  vision and reality as it was painted.  This was made possible because the quarry had walls that were at least 20 feet high and there was various projectors that covered every surface from floor to ceiling with imagery that moved  like stop motion animation.  This movement combined with music made the whole show flow from one scene to the next in a larger than life presentation.

There were several dark moments in this show but it was counter balanced by lots of flowers and majestic nature screens.

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