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Adventures in Lourmarin

Today was my first whole day of independence.  The sun was shinning after a few grey and drizzly days and this weekend is a long one because May 1 in Europe is Labor day.  In the states I celebrate Beltane. None the less it  is a time to take a break and enjoy the fertility of the earth.

I decided to take the city bus to Lourmarin.  This village is very similar to Laruis in appearance but it has shops and restaurants, boutiques, and lots of people.  Loumarin is only 4 miles away but the way the streets are made, you just can’t walk even if you wanted.  Well, may day started rough……I failed to notice that the bus going into town only comes at 10:30 am and then not until 4:30pm.  I was disappointed and ready to turn back then a young man comes from across the street, and speaking English asks if he can help me.  I explain my dilemma to him and he thought maybe he could drive me, but had to ask the other person in the car because he was the driving instructor……So ultimately I got a ride into town.  Happy me!!

The adventure begins…….Actually it was more like me purchasing gifts made in France and taking lots of pictures while I wandered through the alleys and under the small arch paths that seem to lead back to the main village.  Around and around I went until I walked 5 miles and was ready for a slice of pizza.

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